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Starbox Architecture: We're architects who humanise spaces

humanising spaces

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Our Purpose

At Starbox
Architecture we
humanise spaces.

That means we create spaces that promote
social interaction, engagement + connection.

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Starbox Architecture

16 rooke Street Devonport TAS 7310

Phone: 03 6424 7736

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We focus on spaces individually, collectively and how we experience spatial sequences.

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We take you on a collaborative journey, testing ideas and strategies to create a beautiful and detailed solution that meets your brief.

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Our Design Values



Our Design Values


Every project is unique. Each requires a different approach when it comes to how a project should be considered, designed and managed.


We encourage individual growth and success, however we are driven by our team, client and consultant collaborations to test ideas and expand our thinking.


We are ever evolving and search for opportunities to innovate and develop ideas.



We’re a Devonport-based architecture firm that brings humanity to the built environment

Every architectural firm is different. They’re different in how they design, how they work, how they collaborate with the client, and how they integrate with each other. At Starbox Architecture, we’re grounded in solving problems that work for people. This means putting ourselves in your shoes, into your site location, and creating a space that doesn’t just wow you on the surface, but follows through on how it functions on a day-to-day level.

Any good architect understands that a space should do far more than just look pretty. A soundly designed and executed structure will improve the lives of those who use it, whether that’s in a material sense, a well being sense, encouraging community engagement, or enhancing functionality. At Starbox, we intend to meld these outcomes into a holistically beneficial space, weaving your needs into the fabric of a structure that elevates your lifestyle across multiple touchpoints.

If you need to find architects that will take the time to listen to your vision and celebrate your story, Starbox Architecture firm is the organisation for you. We create distinctly tactile projects that respond to our clients’ needs and place great emphasis on the relationships we have with the client, our contractors and each other.

Residential architects

Starbox is an award-winning residential architect, with structures designed and built all over Tasmania. We’re passionate about designing homes that reflect our client’s aspirations and honour the site on which they’re constructed. As innovative architectural designers, we never approach two homes the same way, applying intuitive and sustainable design approaches to new home builds and house renovations. This means testing ideas, modelling designs, and considering closely how every square foot of your property is going to look and feel before we sign off.

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Commercial architects

We believe new commercial structures should enhance not only the functionality of a space, but also the human experience of the structure. This means considering the form and aesthetic of your building, placing the site and the identity of your users at the core of our design process. We approach each new building project with a clean slate, even for a commercial space, taking cues from the identity of our clients and the nature of the site to develop a design that functions on multiple levels. This includes improving practical outcomes for your business or organisation, like how users operate within the internal space. However, this also means creating a built environment that reflects who you are as a brand, and elevates the aesthetic quality of your commercial structure.

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Sustainable architects

One of our core principals as an architecture practice is a commitment to sustainability. Starbox Architecture takes pride in utilising passive design techniques that reduce the impact of your structure on the surrounding environment and minimises your draw on the grid. We also prioritise sustainable building materials as a core feature of our design work, embedding recycled materials and low-impact textures throughout each structure. From our own architect office to our public infrastructure projects and commercial properties, every Starbox design has a sustainable ethos at its core. As a local architect firm in the Devonport region, we have a vested interest in ensuring that any new construction is built to not only last, but to preserve the environment around it.



Our Architectural services

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Starbox Architecture

16 rooke Street Devonport TAS 7310

Phone: 03 6424 7736

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Starbox Architecture

16 rooke Street Devonport TAS 7310

Phone: 03 6424 7736

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