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From our home in Tasmania, Australia, Starbox Architecture places the human experience at the heart of our design work. Our residential spaces promote social interaction, engagement, connection and harmony, focussing on how we each experience the built environment individually and collectively.

As high-end residential architects, we don’t just produce drawings and create computer-aided design mock-ups. When Starbox creates architectural designs for houses, townhouses and apartments, we are fully invested in the people we design for and the site we’re developing. Your home tells the story of who you are and of the land it sits on, melding identities to synthesise something that’s new, innovative, and hopefully beautiful to live in.

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Starbox Architecture:

Residential architects with people at heart

At Starbox, we’re a dynamic residential architecture firm that develops a broad range of single family homes, extensions and renovations. We work on a variety of residential projects, from urban apartment buildings to rural retreats, placing the Tasmanian landscape and the client’s vision at the core of what we do.

When you work with house designers like Starbox, you’re strapped into a project with a design team of dedicated practitioners. We’re architects, project managers, technicians, documentors, facilitators, and go-getters, all passionate about delivering memorable outcomes (and a dream home) for our residential clients.

A house architect for bespoke homes

Collaborative architect for home design

By working closely with our residential clients, we can better our home design in both form and function.

Reducing the footprint of our home architecture designs

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Residential building architect

Architectural design

Interior architect

Feasibility studies

Site analysis

Cost analysis

Project management

3D Modelling and graphic design

Master planning

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Starbox Architecture

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Starbox Architecture

16 rooke Street Devonport TAS 7310

Phone: 03 6424 7736

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