Stage 01

This is the research + information gathering stage presented in a 'Project Return Brief.' This provides a foundational framework from which we develop the concept design. Every project we undertake be it small or large scale will be different. This is due to various factors including the site and its context, the client and the brief. However, the process is always the same. It consists of stages that enable the client and architect team to analyse and develop each project in detail, maintain order, identify periods for review and create a structured release of design information.

Concept Design

Stage 02

"The concept design stage deals with the formative ideas: form, scale and mass, appearance of the building within its surroundings + context, and resolving the functional internal + external relationships."

Design Development

Stage 03

The design development stage is where the approved concept is developed in greater detail, draft documentation is assessed against the planning scheme and preliminary meetings are held with specialist consultants.

Development Approval

Stage 04

"During this phase we will confirm the statutory authority requirements, attend meetings with relevant authorities, prepare the planning application - including plans, diagrams analysis, studies, reports and other information for the submission and assist the client with lodging the formal application. "

Construction Documentation

Stage 05

"During construction documentation the architect will prepare drawings, specifications and schedules that define the detailed requirements fort he construction of the building. When complete, these documents will be used to call tenders or negotiate quotes with a builder and for the Building Approval (BA) application. "

Contractor Selection

Stage 06

This stage includes preparation of the preferred method of tendering and contract selection. It involves calling tenders or negotiating with the preferred contractor, responding to queries during the tender period and evaluating the tenders with a recommendation of a suitable contractor. This is finalised with the arrangement for the signing and execution of the contract documents by both parties. This is finalised with the arrangement for the signing and execution of the contract documents by both parties.

Contract Administration

Stage 07

Contract administration (CA) refers to the task or function of ensuring that a construction contract (between the client + contractor) is executed in accordance with the terms of the contract. During 'CA,' the Architect observes conformity to the building contract documents as well as the quality of the outcome. Obligations include periodic site visits, meetings, responding to 'Requests For Information' (RFI), issuing Architects Instructions. (AI), assessing progress claims, issuing progress certificates and assessing variations and claims for adjustments of time.

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