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Nestled along Tasmania’s rugged north coast, Devonport and surrounds capture the spirit of the state’s ecological and cultural identity. From the pebble beaches to  the grassy knolls, the rocky outcrops to the colonial-era cottages – this is a place that embodies the windswept beauty of the entire north coast.

Having overseen the design and construction of many homes and businesses in the local area, Starbox Architecture is a proud fixture of the Devonport landscape. We’re professionals in what we do, but we’re also passionate members of the local community, and are dedicated to improving the infrastructure and lifestyle of those who live in this part of the world.

Activate the Tasmanian landscape

Starbox Architecture is more than just an architect - we are a catalyst for change and innovation in Devonport and the wider Tasmanian community. We understand that the best architects celebrate the natural environment in their designs, and embrace the unique properties of the site. For over 10 years, we have been transforming the landscape of Devonport with residential, commercial and public projects, embodying the unique identity of the North Coast in everything we create.

Collaborative architects in Devonport

From concept to completion, Starbox Architecture emphasises close collaboration with our clients and partners, listening to their vision, and bringing it to life. Our work is driven by your concept and serves to celebrate the spirit of your family and community. Whether you’re undergoing a new build, complete renovation, or extension, the Starbox Architecture team approaches each project as a joint venture between two parties, making sure that you’re happy at all stages of the project.

Sustainable outcomes

We’re ever conscious of passive design principles, ensuring that your new structure is built with low-impact materials and operates with minimal energy usage all year round. Sustainability is always at the centre of our process, and as the world trends toward climate neutrality, we see it as our responsibility to stay at the forefront of green design.



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