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From the Tamar River and Cataract Gorge, to heritage-listed urban enclaves, to the rolling hills of the surrounding countryside, nature and legacy weave a delicate balance throughout north-east Tasmania. At its heart, Launceston, Tasmania is a thriving centre of urban and regional development, and Starbox are architects in Launceston who are committed to cultivating this growing area. As a registered architect with experience in residential and commercial architecture, we’re proud to contribute to the positive development of Launceston and surrounds, bringing a firm commitment to sustainable practice and human-centric design.

Celebrate the Tasmanian landscape

Continuing the tradition of Launceston architecture, our talented team of designers specialise in responding to the unique landscape in and around Launceston, embracing the rugged environment, the rolling hills, the agricultural heritage and the push for innovation. Whether we’re designing custom residences or commercial buildings, our professional team embraces the unique qualities of your site, incorporating the terrain, flora, and history into our bespoke structures.

Embracing the collaborative design process

We have a broad range of technical design skills, but one of things Starbox is most proud of is our ability to collaborate with you, the client. From concept to completion, we emphasise close collaboration with our clients and partners, listening to your vision and bringing it to life. We understand that this is your house, your building that you come to work in every day, and our designs can only be a success when they elevate your day-to-day experience.

Sustainable architecture

Heritage buildings, commercial projects, new-build custom homes – regardless of the project, Starbox Architecture approaches each design with a mandate of sustainability. Like all of the best architects, we incorporate sustainably sourced materials into our structures, prioritising passive insulation and induction principles so that your new building reduces its impact and saves you money.



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