The Char House



A new home on a sloping site in an established neighbourhood for a young Sri Lanken family. The house was to be simple in form and to express natural materials where possible.

Challenges & Solutions

"The home was inspired by a charred tree branch that had recently fallen and rested on a large sandstone coloured rock, cantilevering. Using this example, we chose two materials to use on the house: charred timber cladding and sandstone block. Other, lighter coloured timber, would provide warmth and softness to a hard looking material palette. The two materials would become two distinct forms. Like the inspiration; the charred timber form would rest and cantilever on the 'rock inspired' sandstone clad volume below. Unfortunately due to cost restraints, we had to substitute the charred timber to a more cost effective broad street cladding that resembled the design intent. The dark and bold exterior continued into the interior. The use of Tas Oak timber in various mediums such as wall/ceiling linings and joinery, created a warm, welcoming and cosy feeling in the internal space."


Scyon Axon 133 grained cladding. Sandstone veneer in crazy pave format. Portia Tas Oak Contours. Aluminium powder coated battens. Polytec 'Black Wenge Ravine'. Tas oak woodmatt joinery. Karndean vinyl floor planks.


"We decided to build our dream house according to our requirements . We are delighted with what Starbox Architecture have done for us.

We had many challenges eg. getting the products and managing the cost during the covid crisis period.

Their responses to my queries were so prompt.

They would not hesitate to come and check the products with us, sometimes spend Saturdays in the office discussing certain issues.

We are very happy with the final outcome. The ultimate  product is not second to anything

Thanks Starbox Architecture.

T Herath - Owner

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