The Garage



To give an existing industrial shed a new purpose, function and feeling. Transform into a service workshop, car storage and hangout space for a local racing team.

Challenges & Solutions

"Because of the nature of an industrial shed being raw, cold and dark, we chose to keep this theme. However, add warmth and luxury. Dark metal wide tray cladding was installed on the ceiling to reduce the need for extra supports, add luxury and mood to the overall feeling. Recycled hardwood was selected to warm the space and add acoustic control. A hydrronic heated slab was also installed to not only heat the space but also keep the car engines ready as they could be stationary for long periods. A mezzanine was designed to sit above the workshop, becoming: a hang out space, bar and lounge area. Complete with 10m bifold window that would allow the mezzanine to be a viewing platform to watch the horse races at the adjacent horse track."


Colorbond Kliptray cladding from Structuur. ARMCO railing. Recycled hardwood cladding from Australian Architectural Hardwoods.


Starbox Architecture

16 rooke Street Devonport TAS 7310

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