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The west coast of Tasmania is synonymous with Cradle Mountain’s rugged beauty. At Starbox Architecture, we seek to mould our architectural design to the Tasmanian landscape, bringing the natural environment closer to you everyday, while protecting you from the elements better than ever.

Activate the Tasmanian landscape

The Central Highlands and the West Coast regions of Tasmania are perhaps the island’s most breathtaking and profound. We’re about celebrating and elevating this identity into the built environment, treating each site with the respect it deserves.

Collaborating with our clients

Our design only works if it works for you. Starbox Architecture are passionate collaborators. We’re invested in your vision right from the get-go and will work hard across all stages of the project to ensure we get it right.

Creating sustainable futures

Good architecture solves multiple problems at once. We create structures that not only function well on a day-to-day human level, but also preserve the planet’s natural resources. Tasmania is cold, violent, temperamental but ultimately very beautiful. We’re about harnessing that energy and ensuring your new structure functions in harmony with the environment – not against it.



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Master planning

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