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Coles Bay is a charming seaside town on the east coast of Tasmania, and a gateway to the stunning Freycinet National Park. Surrounded by the idyllic scenery of Great Oyster Bay and the pink-hued granite peaks of the Hazards mountains, this area offers a mesmerising charm that is hard to beat. At Starbox Architecture, we are honoured to work with the Coles Bay community and contribute to its development in a way that respects its natural beauty and heritage. Whether it is commercial projects or custom homes, we celebrate the east coast in our designs to achieve a more sustainable future.

Complimenting the Tasmanian environment

At Starbox, we believe that architecture should respect the site and the surrounding landscape. That’s why we design our buildings to harmonise with the terrain and celebrate the distinctive features of Tasmania’s natural ecosystem.

Collaborating with our clients

As the client, we value your input and collaboration more than anyone else. Your vision guides our design and helps us to address the challenges that you face on a day-to day basis. We will partner with you throughout the design and construction process, making sure that your requirements are fulfilled and that you’re kept in the loop at all times.

Reaching for sustainable futures

We believe that, as designers, we have a responsibility to adopt a renewable ethos into all our work. As such, Starbox Architecture strives to use sustainable building materials and energy efficient design across every project, ensuring that our buildings have minimal impact and positive social benefits.



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