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Through our design practice, Starbox Architecture is dedicated to enhancing Bicheno and surroundings, celebrating its wonderful natural ecosystem and breathtaking seaside vistas. Our architecture firm is proudly Tasmanian, placing local identity and heritage at the heart of all our work. We understand how to strike a balance between the natural and built environments, listening to the land, the site, and our clients to deliver one-of-kind structures.

Capturing the Tasmanian environment

Our philosophy at Starbox is to create architecture that honours the site and the landscape around it. We aim to blend our buildings with the land and to highlight the unique aspects of Tasmania’s natural ecosystem. As a result, our residential and commercial projects in Bicheno reflect the distinctive splendour and variety of the surrounding east-coast environment.

Clients are our closest collaborators

As the client, you are the most important person in our project. We rely on your feedback and cooperation to shape our designs and to solve the problems that you encounter every day. Our architects will work with you closely from the design to the construction stage, ensuring that your needs are met and that you’re always informed.

Reaching for sustainable futures

With the climate ever changing, Starbox’s architects strive to incorporate sustainable design practices in all our structures. We use eco-friendly building materials and energy saving techniques as much as possible, making sure that our buildings have a low environmental footprint and positive social outcomes.



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